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Order a partially cooked, fully smoked all natural brisket

We ship partially cooked, fully smoked All Natural Certified Angus beef briskets that you finish cooking in your oven for a few hours. Order now or read below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Full Size Mail Order Brisket

Moist Half Mail Order Brisket

Lean Half Mail Order Brisket

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  • Prices include shipping (except to AK/HI which is an extra $69).
  • Tax is only charged for orders delivered within Texas.
  • Orders placed by Sunday typically ship on Tuesday for delivery via FedEx within 2-3 days.


  • The Woodpile difference

    • We use better meat: Our Natural Certified Angus Beef comes from 100% Angus cattle raised on small family farms, grain fed and never given antibiotics or hormones. You can taste the difference, feel the tenderness and rest easy knowing what you’re eating.
    • We let you finish the cooking: We smoke our well trimmed briskets low and slow over an all wood fire, not gas. Your brisket will be pulled off shortly before it’s done so we can flash freeze and vacuum pack it. We let you complete the cooking in your oven so the brisket remains moist, has a nice bark (crust) and doesn’t require basting in sauce.
    • Our briskets cost a little more because they cost us a little more. We use better beef and cook in small batches. Most of our competitors use commodity, select grade beef and get volume discounts because they cook 100’s of briskets a day.
  • More FAQs

    • Is sauce included? No, we highly recommend enjoying your brisket without it. If sauce is a must, we suggest grabbing a bottle of your favorite to enjoy with the brisket.
    • I am looking for a special gift for my business clients. Do you handle business orders? Yes, please visit our dedicated page for business client gifts.
    • Can you ship a brisket as a gift? Absolutely and may we compliment you on good gift giving taste. When you checkout there will be an option to add a gift message. Alternatively, you can order a Gift Certificate and the recipient can get the brisket shipped when it’s most convenient for them. We handle sending a nice gift message and notify purchasers when the gift has been redeemed.
    • What forms of payment do you accept? All major credit cards.
    • Is your rub overly peppery, spicy or salty? No. Our rub has a nice balanced flavor.
    • Why does a brisket not absorb smoke after about 8 hours on a pit? After about 8 hours (depending on the temperature a brisket is cooked at), it begins expelling moisture, rather than drawing moist, smokey air in. During the last few hours, a brisket only needs consistent heat, not smoke, to finish.
    • Will I need to do anything besides put the thawed brisket on a broiler pan in a hot oven? No. We recommend finishing the brisket at 245 degrees, with adjustments as needed for your particular oven or altitude. You will not need to baste or do anything else. While the instructions that come with your brisket will include an estimated cook time, we recommend use of a food thermometer or temperature probe to pull the brisket out at the optimum finishing temperature of 195. You’ll want to let it rest at room temperature for 20 minutes before serving.
    • How should I slice the finished brisket? The instructions that come with your brisket will include slicing directions. We recommend slicing against the grain, angled towards the point slicing as thinly as possible without the slices falling apart.
    • Why do you only ship on Tuesdays? So we can have a life… and to be sure briskets do not sit in trucks or warehouses over the weekend.
  • What to expect on arrival

    • Each mail order bbq brisket is packed in an insulated shipping box with  frozen gel packs, all of which are reusable. Briskets that arrive in 1-2 days will arrive fully frozen. Briskets that arrive in 3 days will arrive partially thawed.
    • Briskets can be kept frozen for up to one year without impacting taste. Briskets can be kept in the refrigerator up to a week after thawing or preparing.
    • Every brisket includes a tri-fold brochure with instructions for final preparation in your oven and slicing. Briskets will need to be thawed 48-72 hours in your refrigerator and then cooked in your oven for 4-5 hrs on a broiler pan. That’s it. Because a brisket does not absorb smoke after about 8 hours on the pit, your oven will work perfectly to finish up the last few hours of cooking.
    • Aroused senses, delighted taste buds and maybe a brawl. The hardest part of all this is selecting who to share it with and not making enemies. The good news is we can repeat the process and send you more to make amends.
  • Shipping Info

    • We only ship on Tuesdays for arrival by end of week via FedEx (and occasionally USPS Priority Mail if quicker).
    • Briskets ordered by Sunday typically ship on Tuesday for delivery within 2-3 days. Since we smoke our briskets in small batches, however, sometimes we run out and orders take a couple of weeks to fill. If we are out of stock we will notify you via email of the anticipated ship date.
    • You will receive an email with tracking information on the day of shipment.
    • Tax is only charged for shipments delivered within Texas.